A Billing System is specialized software designed to assist freight services companies in managing their billing processes and financial records related to transportation services. Utilizing the Billing System enables companies to efficiently automate billing procedures, record financial transactions, and generate accurate financial reports.

The Billing System for a freight services company incorporates features such as shipment monitoring, shipping rates, and payment tracking. This allows companies to easily handle billing information, ensure that shipping rates align with the provided services, and track customer payments in real-time. Additionally, the system can streamline administrative processes, reduce the risk of human errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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In our company profile, we take pride in offering custom applications tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Unlike off-the-shelf software solutions, our custom applications are meticulously designed and developed to address specific challenges, streamline processes, and achieve the distinct goals of each client.

Our approach involves a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, allowing us to create a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with your business objectives. The result is a highly flexible and scalable application that can adapt seamlessly to the evolving demands of your business environment.

By choosing our custom application development services, you gain a solution crafted with precision, offering a level of functionality and efficiency that generic software often cannot match. Whether you require an in-house system or a third-party application, our team is dedicated to delivering a tailored solution that empowers your business to thrive.


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The HOSEA - Hospital Application System is a specialized information technology solution designed to assist in the management and operation of various aspects within a hospital. This software is tailored to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and the overall quality of patient care.

Key features of the HOSEA - Hospital Application System include comprehensive patient data management, doctor scheduling, patient registration, financial information systems, and monitoring of inventory and medical equipment. Additionally, the system facilitates the seamless updating of electronic medical records, ensuring quick and secure access to patient information.

Moreover, the HOSEA - Hospital Application System contributes to the effective management of administrative processes such as surgery scheduling, billing, and drug inventory management. By leveraging this technology, hospitals can provide more efficient and coordinated services to their patients.

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INVENKU is a digital solution designed to assist companies in managing their stock of goods and assets more efficiently. This software enables companies to track, manage, and optimize their inventory digitally.

INVENKU provides functionalities such as inventory level monitoring, order management, and automatic updates when there are changes in stock. Additionally, the software helps monitor procurement needs, reducing the risk of stockouts or excess storage.

With advanced reporting features, companies can analyze their inventory data more effectively, make more informed decisions, and optimize the procurement cycle. By utilizing INVENKU, companies can enhance operational efficiency, reduce inventory costs, and improve customer satisfaction.


OASE specifically designed to manage and optimize human resource functions within a company. OASE helps automate and integrate HR-related processes, including employee data management, performance tracking, payroll, training management, and personnel administration.

One of the advantages of OASE is time efficiency and better data management. By using OASE, companies can easily track employee information, view job histories, and generate necessary reports to support strategic decision-making. Additionally, OASE helps improve payroll accuracy and ensures compliance with labor regulations.